• Barber & Tailor Face & Beard Oil

Our Face & Beard Oil is formulated with enriching marula, jojoba and rice bran carrier oils. A hand-picked selection of dry oils to penetrate your beard and skin, without leaving a heavy or greasy feel. Enriched with bergaptene-free bergamot essential oil, this essential oil will not cause photosensitivity, but will heal scars and leave an even skin tone and prevent in-growns. Full of antioxidants and nutrients, it will moisturise, hydrate, protect and refresh.   


  • Dry oil

  • Light and non greasy

  • Blend of rich, healing oils

  • Safe to use around eyes

  • Nutrient rich

  • High in Oleic acid

  • High levels of Omega-9 fatty acids

  • High in antioxidants


  • Deeply hydrating

  • Penetrates beard and skin quickly

  • Great for night and day

  • Promotes collagen production to improve skin’s elasticity

  • Great for all skin types

  • Calm and soothing to reduce inflammation, redness and in-growns

  • Bergaptene-free bergamot essential will not cause photosensitivity

  • Bergamot essential oil to promote healing without scarring shaving burn

  • Evens skin tone

  • Great for acne prone skin

  • Controls skin’s oil production

  • Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)

  • A small amount is required, as a little goes a long way

  • Provides healthy glow and moisture to skin

  • Helps to reverse free radicals

  • Prevents premature aging of the skin

  • Protects the skin from environmental stressors - such as sun, wind and smoke

  • Hypoallergenic, no known allergens

  • Versatile and antibacterial

  • Natural preservative

Directions for use:

Massage into freshly washed/cleansed beard and/or face.

  1. Pump one or two squirts into the palm of your hand.

  2. Rub hands together to warm up the oil.

  3. Massage the oil into the jawline and into beard and face in small circular motions.

  4. Always comb or brush in the direction of hair growth.This will prevent hair breakage.

  5. Style as usual.

The oil can be applied daily, nightly or as required.

Ingredients: sclerocarya birrea (marula) oil, oryza sativa (rice bran) oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, caprylic / capric triglyceride, citrus bergamia (bergamot) essential oil (bergaptene free)

Size: Net wt 1oz (30mL)

UPC: 627843601982

Price: $21.95

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Barber & Tailor Face & Beard Oil

  • Size: 1oz / 30ml

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