Fasting Chronicles Day 11:

The morning started with tears. Not for or about anything in particular, just tears that needed to be shed. I am purging, detoxing, cleansing, call it what you want and this process is not just physical, it is emotional. I figure these tears represented things I have inside that need to be released. I welcomed this emotion and I embraced it. My husband reminded me that not all tears are bad, and gave the example of someone who is really excited or surprised - tears of joy. I seized this feeling, allowed the tears to flow as they did and was ready to carry on with my day.

You would think that after 4 children and having them in school for as long as they have been, I would be pretty proficient and efficient at preparing snacks and lunches. Nope. It still baffles me, confuses me, frustrates me, even at times, angers me. Not when I am fasting though. Oh no, when I am fasting, lunches, breakfasts, snacks and dinners are all on point. I am clear, I know what to prepare and what to serve. I actually enjoy it. I think I enjoy how efficient I become.

Dropped the kids off to school and back to work. Ads need to be submitted, so we are putting the finishing touches on them. My stomach feels a bit rough. Drinking water and teas to help calm and soothe it.

I've written before that fasting is not for everyone. There are people who should never fast nor attempt it. This includes individuals who have chronic diseases of any type of the organs, individuals with certain types of cancers and those with diabetes. With that being said, there are those who have taken a chance on their bodies and its capacity to heal and have had great success.

Recently, I read an article written by a nutritionist talking about fasting. She was fine with individuals fasting, as long as they ate. Huh? Doing a water fast is certainly not for everyone, but for those who undertake it or are considering it, you go in with the intention of resetting your system. Cleaning out the old and gaining a stronger immune system. I get asked if I take supplements during a fast. For me taking supplements is like this: I want to see if a car can role by itself, but in order to find out, I am going to push it. Silly, no? If you are truly going to see what your body is capable of and its ability to heal itself, you need to take a chance. It's this chance that people are afraid of.

We live in a world and societies where most of us have handed the status of our health to others. To "specialists" and "professionals". We now refer to "natural" medicine as alternative medicine and chemicals have become mainstream. Don't get me wrong, modern medicine definitely has its place, and many times it is required. Unfortunately, to even bring up the idea of perhaps doing something natural, like fasting to help heal your body is frowned upon by many in the medical society and therefore, it forces patients to not look at "alternative" methods when it comes to treating or preventing ailments. When you do decide to look elsewhere for treatment, you are seen as being antogonistic, ungrateful to the medical society, shit disturber and strange.

Passed the afternoon away by watching a movie and taking it easy. Had an interesting conversation with a friend who told me about the Korean Skincare Regimen. It looks very interesting and will try it out after the fast and do a post on it. Definitely something that one can use marula oil for in at least one of the steps.

Today has been an uneventful day. Thank goodness. Just getting rest. My body really needs it. Will have to pick up the kids soon.

Picked up the kids and came back to rest again, before dinner. Dinner was another hit. Seconds was requested. Compliments were given. That made me feel good. More revisions to one of the ads are needed. Have to get to that.

Revisions are done and that stomach thing. It just won't let up. I did tell my husband though, if this is the height of how I will be feeling for the next week, I am okay with it. Really hope this stomach settles down.

Settling in for a movie. Tomorrow is a PA Day, so the kids are up a little later than normal.

Day 12 is on its way.

Thank you for reading.


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