Fasting Chronicles Day 10:

My alarm clock went off way too early. As I was shutting it off, I couldn't help thinking, "but I just fell asleep". Anyway, I got up and started to wake the kids up. This is usually a 30 minute ordeal.

I was really feeling for water, and luckily I had left a glass of it on my husband's dresser last night. I really got excited about this because I didn't have to fumble my way downstairs to get some right away. Once I drank it, I felt the difference. I felt more energized and awake. This helped me get downstairs to start the day.

I was pretty energetic as I made 4 grilled sandwiches, a turkey-egg salad sandwich, scrambled eggs, packed snacks and lunches. I was pretty proud of myself. Got the kids ready to go and already thinking about dinner, I told my husband I was going to make a trip to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I usually make 3 to 5 trips a week to the grocery store. I know...right?!

The husband is not doing well this morning and feels really dizzy and unbalanced. He drank his vinegar water and felt a little better. As I was going to drop the kids off, he was going to stay and changed his mind. I told him that it was a good idea to come with me as the fresh air would do him some good. Later, at the grocery store, he mentioned that the fresh air made a world of difference and he was feeling much better.

Once again, a quick trip to a store took a lot longer than expected. We got into a very rousing conversation with another shopper about cheese and it quickly turned to other topics including fasting. Like many people, she was quite surprised at our level of energy and that we were able to grocery shop without being tempted. It was an honest conversation, and I did not hold back in telling her that there are many times that you do want to quit, you feel awful and you question your sanity. She was quite intrigued and said that we had sparked a curiosity in her. We bid each other goodbye and carried on with our shopping.

Many people ask how I can grocery shop and cook dinners while fasting. To tell the truth, I am okay. I have clarity when I am in the grocery store. I don't give in to impulse purchases and dinners have been thought about, so I am exact with the ingredients I require and how I am going to prepare the dishes.

Spent the afternoon working and drinking tea. BTW, I've been urinating like a racehorse. This is a good thing, as it shows I am not dehydrated.

Picked up the kids from school. Dinner is all planned out and feeling relaxed. I have a little bit of energy, but nowhere near what I had yesterday late in the day.

Continued doing work until I prepared dinner. Towards the end of preparing dinner, I had to work quickly through it, as I could feel another wave of unwellness coming on. That feeling comes in waves. One minute you feel awesome and the next minute you feel awful. When I get that feeling, I get something to drink. It seems to ease the discomfort. Anyway, dinner for the kids was another hit. I know when dinner is a hit, because they compliment the meal and always ask for seconds.

The evening was spent doing work. Still working on our campaign and the ads that need to be submitted.

Later in the evening, I had a glass of fairly cold water. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it (as I can't stand cold water) and it went down well. Will try to take my shower before bed and call it a night. 

P.S. Did not end up taking that shower and just fell straight into bed.

Day 11, here we come.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to share your fasting experience.


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