About Us

Myra Aso Marula


yra Aso started in 2012 as a handmade skin and hair care company. We officially launched in 2013 with a full product line, made in small batches, specializing in naturally derived African oils and butters. Our signature is Marula Oil.


hat was started as a seed planted out of necessity, has now turned into a love and passion. The passion to provide the best possible products, without compromising ingredients. The passion to respect nature and its gifts and the passion to not overuse and burden the regions and resources that these oils are derived.


s a Canadian company, all our products are made in Canada, however, we do believe that beauty and healing is found in nature and Africa is one of the best places in the world to find that. Rich in culture and tradition, these exquisite oils have been used by African women for generations. We now bring the same luxury oils to you.


aving spent time in Africa, we are familiar with the uses and the application of these oils and butters. Through testing and modifications, we have found new and exciting uses to get the best out of these gifts from the continent.

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